Whether you use your garage for basic storage, a place to park your vehicles, or as an extension of your living space, you can’t get much done in the dark!

Good lighting is crucial in the garage, and since there is a wide range of light fixtures that you can use in this space, we wanted to highlight some of the best for you in our guide.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of options available to optimize the lighting in your garage. The options may seem overwhelming, but we have covered all of the basics for you in our all-inclusive guide to the best garage lighting available today.

Top 10 Garage Lightings Comparison Table

PictureNameType of LightingPriceRating (1-5)
Type of Lighting
Rating (1-5)
1. Hyperikon LED Wall Pack, Outdoor Commercial Lighting, UL, Crystal White, 200 WattsWall Mount$$$$4.8
2. EShine LED Under Cabinet Lighting, with IR Sensor! Extra Long 20 Inch PanelTask Lighting$$4.7
3. Sunco Lighting 6 Pack LED Utility Shop LightOverhead$$$4.7
4. Led White 4-foot 2-light Ceiling Light Fixture with 2x LED T8 24 Watt TubesOverhead$$$4.5
5. THKSGOD Linkable LED Shop Light 4ft 42W 5000KOverhead$$ 4.7
6. OOOLED 4FT LED Shop Light,42W 4800LM 5000K Daylight WhiteOverhead$$4.7
7. HYPERLITE High Bay LED LightingTask Lighting$$4.9
8. 4 Pack 4FT LED Shop Light, Linkable Utility Shop LightsOverhead$$4.8
9. Lithonia Lighting FMLL 9 30840 4-Feet 4000K LED Low Profile LightpuffOverhead$$$4.3
10. Hallomall Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights, Built-in Rechargeable Lithium BatteriesSpotlight$4.4

Types of Lights

Don’t just rush out and purchase your garage lighting without reading this section first!

There are a lot of options out there for lighting your garage, but the type of lighting fixtures you choose will ultimately be determined by how you use your garage space.

  • Fluorescent Lights. If your garage is any kind of activity center, you’re probably going to want to install some sort of fluorescent lighting. These lights are incredibly bright and energy-efficient. Since they are relatively compact, they are great for use over workbenches since they won’t infringe on valuable space.
  • Incandescent Lights. Incandescent lighting is a great option if your garage is mostly a place for storage or to park your vehicles. They come on immediately without the flickering hesitation of fluorescent lighting and use relatively little energy when used infrequently.

Incandescent lights are also a good option for performing detailed work. If your garage has a workbench that requires a bright, steady, focused stream of light then an incandescent is what you need.

  • General Overhead Lighting. Your garage will probably need a primary source of light. This light, usually affixed to or suspending from the ceiling of your garage offers general illumination to space. This light source may not be enough to bring sufficient light for more detailed work such as mechanical repairs or woodworking. You may find that you need additional task lighting to fill that need.
  • Task Lighting. In some situations, you may need more focused lighting on a specific work area. Task lighting may be exactly what you need to get the job done. Consider clamp-on lights or under-cabinet light fixtures to supplement your garage’s overhead lighting system and shed some light on intricate work projects.

Top 3 Best Garage Lighting Reviews

1. Hyperikon LED Wall Pack, Outdoor Commercial Lighting, UL, Crystal White, 200 Watts

The easy-to-install Hyperikon 200 Watts Wall Fixture is an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor garage lighting. It comes with everything you need for mounting on your garage wall. The commercial-grade housing is made of high-quality, shatter-resistant prismatic epoxy that is solid, attractive, and well-built.

This light shines brightly enough to light up your whole garage, no matter what you may be using it for. It is great for a workshop space, automobile tinkering, and recreational lighting.

The Hyperikon Wall Fixture will provide a steady stream of light on any activity. It is vibration-resistant and won’t flicker as some low-quality garage lights do; this is hands-down the best garage lighting for any garage activities.

2. EShine LED Under Cabinet Lighting

This convenient under-cabinet light fixture comes complete with a motion sensor, turning on and off with just a simple wave of the hand. It is a single, extra-long panel, which lights up the entire length of your workbench.

The EShine LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture offers a light that is both bright and warm. It is an attractive light that will brighten the workspace and add warmth to your garage’s primary light source.

Installation of this low-profile lighting is incredibly easy. All of the necessary hardware comes right in the package. Moreover, with a 100 percent money-back satisfaction guarantee this garage light is a complete no-brainer.

3. Sunco Lighting 6 Pack LED Utility Shop Light

If you are looking to save some money on your utility bill, the Sunco Utility Shop Light is the right choice for your garage. This Energy Star listed fluorescent light fixture uses up to 65 percent less energy than conventional incandescent lighting.

It comes with both a surface and suspension mount to fit whatever your garage requires, and the 5-foot plug-in cord makes for easy installation. There is no special electrical wiring required.

Practical yet attractive, the Sunco is durable, dependable, and long-lasting. This overhead light fixture would make a great addition to just about any garage.