9 Best Heat Guns of 2023

Heat guns remove paint, varnish, and wallpaper. The more advanced ones can be used for almost everything from thawing pipes in winter to drying wood for shrink wrapping. However, to complete all these tasks, you might need a good quality heat gun with different temperature settings, convenient design, lightweight, and a range of accessories and nozzles.

You will find the best heat guns with a range of motors, power settings, and different carry cases. There are various heat guns to choose from. Read on to find the best heat gun which suits your needs.

Top 9 Heat Guns Comparison Table

ImageNameTemperature SettingIncluded NozzlesRating (1-5)
1. DEWALT D26960K Heat Gun150ᵒF to 750ᵒF64.8
2. Wagner Spraytech 2417344 HT1000 Heat Gun Kit750ᵒF and 1000ᵒF34.7
3. SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit120℉ to 1200℉44.7
4. CRAFTSMAN CMEE531 Heat Gun120℉ to 1200℉14.6
5. ZeopoCase Mini Heat Gun390°F24.5
6. Xpeoo Heat Gun Kit 2000W with Dual-Temperature122ᵒF to 1022ᵒF54.5
7. Mowis 1800W Heavy Duty Heat Gun212℉ to 572℉44.3
8. New Master PRULDE N2030 Heat Gun120°F to 1200°F64.6
9. Makita HG6530VK Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit122°F to 1202°F44.7

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Heat Gun

Choose a Heat Gun Depending on the Task at Hand

Heat guns are either made for commercial and professional use or DIY projects; you can choose one depending on the project. If you want to use the heat gun for DIY projects, you would need a less powerful tool as it might apply to actions such as stripping the paint off the wall or shrinking cable sleeves.

On the other hand, professional heat guns are used every day to accomplish activities that should be commercial-grade. The professional-grade tools withstand any working environment conditions, mostly grey, while the DIY tools have a blue color scheme.

Consider the Power

The best heat gun would have a substantial power supply to complete the tasks. The best DIY models start at about 1800 watts, while the professional tools start at 3400 watts.

Higher wattage means the heat guns have higher overall performance, with the tools having more control for adjusting the settings. Tools with 240v are designed to plug straight into the main outlet, and some tools are available in 110v, making them safe for heavy-duty work.

Adjustable Temperature

Go for a heat gun that tackles different tasks and has temperature adjustability for adequate control. Most heat gun models have two or three fixed settings, and more advanced tools will have infinite controls which allow precise temperatures to be dialed in.

If you opt for a DIY heat gun tool, it would be wise to go for one with 500 degrees Fahrenheit as it is the ideal temperature for stripping paint. Along with other lower settings, you would accomplish most tasks that need less heat application effortlessly.

Go for Ones With Adjustable Airflow

An adjustable airflow would be best as it allows the user to dial back the force of the blast from the nozzle. It makes it possible to work with lightweight materials and sensitive surfaces which do not need too much heat. It makes it easy to adjust the heat speed leading to quicker heating.

You can reduce the speed to lower the heating rate. Comprehensive control is better for proper heating and makes it possible to get the desired results.

LCD and LED displays

The LCD and LED displays can allow a user to work to precise tolerance as it offers visual data about airflow speed settings and temperatures. These factors might be difficult to gauge without the displays, making it hard to accomplish precision.

You can work with more sensitive materials and achieve precise heating. This feature is found on professional machines and high-end DIY tools.

Opt For Heat Guns With Temperature Scanners

Temperature scanners are accessories that can be applied with a heat gun. However, you can purchase them and incorporate them into your tool.

Some heat guns come with scanners that read the temperature when the hot air meets the workpiece, providing precise control on heat application on the material.

Thermal Cut-Outs

A thermal-cut out would automatically shut down when the internal temperatures precede the pre-set temperatures when the tool is used for an extended time. It ensures user safety and prolongs the tool’s life. It keeps the surfaces safe under heat.

Residual Heat Indicators

The heat gun’s nozzle might remain hot for an extended time after use, and unsuspecting operators might injure themselves when they pick up a recently used tool — the residue heat indicator safeguards against accidents by displaying a warm light when the tool is hot. 

Integrated Stands and Flat-Backed Housing

Your tool should be stationary while working on certain tasks, such as bending pipes. Some heat guns have flat-backed housing, making it easy to hold the tool stationary for an extended time.

Choose One With Fine Dust Filters

Tools with fine dust filters make it easy to work in construction sites and similar environments where the hot heat gun will be subjected to fine dust and debris from drilling. A fine dust filler will prevent the materials from getting cucked into the tool when working in a dusty environment.

Top 5 Best Heat Gun Reviews

1. DEWALT D26960K Heat Gun

The DEWALT D26960K Heat Gun is good for removing paint and glue, to name a few things this tool can tackle. The LCD makes it super easy to get precise temperature control, and with 50-degree increments, there is no way you won’t find what you’re looking for.

It has an innovative bench stand that keeps it from tipping over and a kickstand for more stability when using it on stairs or other hard-to-reach areas. The hard case also helps provide protection during transport, whether carrying it around your job site or on the road.

A lightweight and compact design that weighs only 2.3 lbs makes this product easy to use for all-day comfort.

  • It has a digital temperature readout
  • It comes with 6 nozzles
  • It can stand or hang easily for cooling
  • It is durable
  • The included scrapers seem to be too thin

2. Wagner Spraytech 2417344 HT1000 Heat Gun Kit

The Wagner Spraytech 2417344 HT1000 Heat Gun Kit is suitable for your DIY projects and has two temperature settings: 750ᵒF and 1000ᵒF, thus making it easy to use on different surfaces. It has three nozzles.

The concentrator nozzle is best for a small section, the flare nozzle is best for broad areas, and the edge protector is suitable for protecting delicate surfaces. These nozzles are heavy-duty, non-corrosive, and lightweight, making them work for an extended time.

Although you can safely work with one hand, you can use an integrated stand when you need both hands to accomplish certain tasks. The tool is suitable when working on heavy projects and you don’t have any help.

It comes with a two-year warranty which shows the manufacturer’s commitment during the manufacture and customer care service.

  • It has two different temperatures, and the settings allow different heating on the surfaces
  • It has individual nozzles for different surfaces
  • It is heavy-duty and has a lightweight design
  • Its nozzle is corrosive-resistant, offering more prolonged use
  • Allows hands-free operation because of the stand
  • It has a-two year warranty
  • Its power cord does not detach from the heat gun easily

3. SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

The SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit provides strong power quickly with a heat up to 1200℉ in seconds with the two modes. The heat gun also has variable temperature control and overload protection.

The black dial offers rheostat-type heating, and the high and low switch on the handle provides sufficient airflow control. The overload protection prevents heat damage on the gun and circuiting.

It has an ergonomic design that prevents repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. It could be used for shrink heating, cell phone repairs, vinyl wraps, removing paint and tiles, loosening rusted bolts, or thawing purposes.

The heat gun provides four nozzle accessories, and the deflector nozzles direct a long and narrow heat pattern on the work surface. The two concentrator nozzles direct a concentrated heat flow to the work surface. On the other hand, the reflector nozzle disperses heat evenly on the work surface.

You will get a satisfaction guarantee with a full refund or return guarantee with a lifetime free warranty. Again, the customer care team is ready to tackle any issue with your device. It is one of the practice garage tools for your DIY projects.

  • It has a dual temperature which reaches 1202F with a thermos-control
  • It can heat up in a few seconds
  • The overload protector protects the surface from too much heat
  • The four nozzles offer precision
  • It has an ergonomic handle that offers weight distribution
  • The turn dial does not have a temperature reading


Engineered by craftsmen to deliver top-of-the-line performance, the CRAFTSMAN CMEE531 Heat Gun is versatile enough for any job.

Conveniently adjust temperature settings from 120°F to 1200°F with an easy dial control and power through almost anything with this 1500 watt work powerhouse that dries paints, removes adhesives, loosens rusted bolts and nuts, sears meat to seal in flavors, shrinks plastics, and more.

Standing 5″ tall on its integrated support stand or lying flat on any surface you need it for – the result is the same: mobile versatility at your fingertips. Use it over 12 feet away thanks to its 6′ cord length so there’s no danger of getting too close.

  • It has variable setting knob so you have control over the amount of heat
  • It has built-in support stand
  • It has 2 fan speeds for more control
  • It has a 3-year limited warranty
  • It doesn’t come with replaceable nozzles

5. ZeopoCase Mini Heat Gun

The ZeopoCase Mini Heat Gun is held 5-6 cm from the workpiece and can heat at about a 45-degree angle until completed. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic on the outside and stainless steel on the inside, making it simple and durable.

The handling part adopts a salient point with a non-slide design which improves tool handling. The temperature can be adjusted and reaches 390°F within a few seconds.

However, it has limits as it is a mini-heat tool but works effectively. It is the best heat gun that is best suited for DIY projects. The tool might take time to cool down, leading to accidents if a user accidentally touches the nozzle before it cools down.

  • It is small-sized and travel-friendly, thus convenient for outdoor heating and DIY projects
  • It gets to its maximum temperature rapidly
  • It has a non-skid design making it easy to handle
  • The plastic tip is replaceable
  • It takes time to cool down thus could cause accidental burns

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Use a Heat Gun?

You can use a heat gun to loosen rusted bolts, manage wires and printed boards, repair electronics, and heat anything without using fire.

Can a Hairdryer Be Used as a Heat Gun?

Yes, you can use the hair dryer as a heat gun, as they have the same properties as the heat gun. However, the hairdryer might not work well as the best heat gun in the market, as its applications are limited.

It may remove labels and stickers, candle wax, and other similar tasks. However, it does not have adequate heat to work on metallic and plastic surfaces with precision.

What Does a Heat Gun Do to Epoxy?

The heat gun can push the epoxy, and you would use it when you want to change its resin design instead of pushing the air bubbles only.

When Should You Use a Heat Gun?

A heat gun is effective for thawing frozen pipes in winter and shrinking wrapping as it works faster than a hairdryer. Again, it is useful for removing paint, and wallpaper, heating, bending plastic, and softening glue and adhesives.

Is It Safe to Use a Heat Gun Inside?

Yes, it is safe to use the heat gun inside your house, but it would be wise to keep the room well-ventilated to avoid the accumulation of fumes that might be toxic.

Should You Wear a Mask When Using a Heat Gun?

A mask protects against harmful metals like lead and other toxins produced during heating, making it possible to stay healthy working on your projects. However, if you cannot wear a mask, conducting your DIY projects in a well-ventilated area or outdoor space could be better.

Can You Heat Gun Lead Paint?

It would be best not to heat lead paints as the lead could vaporize, leading to toxic fumes which can harm your health.

How Do You Protect Your Glass With a Heat Gun?

Using the right accessory, you can protect your glass when using a heat gun. For instance, you would use a glass-protection nozzle that works with precision preventing harm to your glass. However, it could be wise to avoid heating the metals close to the glass as the heat could damage it.

Do Heat Guns Contain Asbestos?

Some heat guns which contain asbestos emit asbestos fibers during use, which could lead to environmental pollution. Thus most manufacturers are shying away from lining the heat gun barrels with asbestos.

Can You Use a Heat Gun on Walls?

Heat guns are not ideal for plaster walls, and avoiding heating your walls with a gun could be wise. The high temperature might damage the walls leading to unstable structures.

It may not work on the wall paint; if you are lucky, it will only soften the paint layer. Moreover, if you are unlucky, you may burn the paint, creating blisters on the wall.


When working on commercial and DIY projects, you choose the best heat gun to make the work easy. You should choose a heat gun depending on the task, opt for heat guns with temperature scanners, and go for ones with adjustable airflow and those with LEDs.

The heat gun should have sufficient power to heat the surface precisely, making it more suitable for the projects. Good luck getting the right heat gun for your projects.