With winter fast approaching, many homeowners are getting excited about the snow and cold weather. However, with that excitement comes a whole host of new responsibilities like shoveling your driveway!

If you have a gravel driveway, then it’s important to be prepared this year with the best snow blower for gravel driveways. Read on as we highlight three top picks to help you make an informed decision about which one will work best for your needs.

Top 9 Snowblowers For Gravel Driveway Comparison Table

ImageNameClearing PathMaximum Throw DistanceRating (1-5)
1. Briggs & Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Blower27 inch25 feet4.2
2. Husqvarna ST324 Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower24 inch40 feet4.8
3. Poulan Pro PR241 LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower24 inch20 feet4.3
4. EGO Power+ SNT2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower21 inch35 feet4.3
5. Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO 28 in. Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower28 inch55 feet4.4
6. PowerSmart DB2805 Snow Blower24 inch35 feet3.5
7. Snow Joe iON100V-21SB-CT iONPRO Cordless Brushless Variable Speed Single Stage Snowblower21 inch30 feet4.0
8. Briggs & Stratton 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start24 inch30 feet4.4
9. WORX WG471 40V Power Share Cordless Snow Blower with Brushless Motor20 inch20 feet4.3

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Snowblower for a Gravel Driveway

Single-Stage Snow Blower

Although the single-stage snowblower can propel the snow off the ground at high speed, it handles the average snowfall depths. You would blow up to 6 inches of snow from your driveway comfortably with the single-stage snowblower.

This blower will break and remove the snowplows’ compacted snow, especially if you blow it soon before it refreezes. If there are large areas, you will chop them with a shovel. This snowblower might be appropriate if you live in less snowy areas which have mild winters.

Two-Stage Snow Blower

The two-stage snow blower utilizes the augur-like corkscrew, which gathers the snow, moves it to the center, and propels it to the desired direction. This snowblower can handle medium depth snow up to 12 inches, and it might be effective for areas receiving moderate snow.

If you love a self-propelled machine, you can choose this snowblower to remove the snow from your driveway.

Three-Stage Snow Blower

This snow blower is designed for heavy-duty snow blowing and would be suitable for areas with harsh winters. It might remove snow for up to 18 inches on your driveway. It would work on a large surface area up to 3 cars wide and four cars long and suitable for commercial purposes.

If you are buying a snowblower for your business, this might be ideal because it removes snow effectively from a large area.

Drive Construction

You may consider the drive constriction as a perfectly sized snowblower would be the right choice for a flat concrete or asphalt driveway. Different snowblowers would work differently for a steep or a flat driveway, and you should consider the construction of the driveway when selecting a snowblower.

Average Snowfall

The single-stage snowblowers are meant for removing thin snow surfaces, while the two and three-stage snowblowers would effectively throw deep, wet, and sticky snow. The type of snow you get in your home would determine the blower you choose for your driveway.

The two and three-stage have powerful engines, and if you love commercial-grade machines, they would be the best for accomplishing the duties.

Power Steering

The powerful and heavy snowblowers might be heavy to turn and make your job hard at the end of the path leading to exhaustion. However, power steering makes machine turning easy, and the new models have easy to turn 180 degrees power steering, which instantly turns from one angle to another.

Chute Rotation and Pitch Control

Most low-priced snowblowers have a crank chute rotation mechanism, making it difficult to change direction at the end of the path. Some devices might require manual changing of the chute direction when changing the throwing range.

It is wise to choose highly-priced snowblowers as they are likely to have well-built chute pitches and robust speed control.

Chute Material

Plastic discharge chutes are better and last longer than steel ones. Plastic is slippery, so snow doesn’t stick to it. Additionally, the plastic can flex in sub-zero temperatures without cracking.

Steel chutes will crack due to temperature fluctuations, and they’ll jam up because of snow snaring in them. They can also rust over time which would result in the same situation, with snow sticking to them.

Electric Machines

Electric start can save your back if you are not in shape for rope pulling. You can choose the snowblowers with an electric start as gasoline engines might be finicky during the cold weather. Although on a small scale, it might be practical to use the gasoline engines on a larger scale might not be practical.

Top 3 Best Snowblower for Gravel Driveway Reviews

1. Briggs & Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Blower

The Briggs & Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Blower can clear the snow efficiently as it is electrical and has a push button that starts the machine effortlessly. It is commercial grade and is effective for heavy snow conditions, and would clean down your driveway effectively.

Features you would get are the friction disc transmission, push-button electric start, on-panel deflector control, and dash-mounted chute rotation.

It has a free hand control meaning you would control the snowblower with one hand while using the controls with the other reducing the struggles of operating the machine. The skid shoes on the snowblower make it easier to plow through the snow layers with little effort.

Again it is built to last, and you will not need to replace your snowblower frequently. The company offers a 3-year warranty which indicates they trust their products.

The body is mainly made of aluminum, thus ensuring a long life while delivering high performance with the right amount of power to meet your needs. With this snowblower, you can effectively move unwanted snow from your compound as it has a dash-mounted chute rotation with LED headlights.

  • It is commercial-grade and would comfortably remove layers of snow from your driveway
  • It is equipped with an electric button
  • It has a three-year warranty
  • It has a friction disk that reduces the snow that would stick on the machine
  • Can clear up to 27 inches of snow
  • It is a bit pricey

2. Husqvarna ST324 Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

The Husqvarna ST324 Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower is a heavy-duty auger with robust first-class results even in frozen and wet snow. It has an electric start that you can connect to a power outlet, and you do not need to worry about dying batteries when working.

You can use heated handle grips for more comfort when working in the cold. The remote chute deflector makes it easier to control the vertical direction with the panel level available in any selected mode.

The snowblower can blast through hard-packed snow, grinding it down and could stand the harsh cold winters.

You would not experience slippage and sliding with the snowblower as it offers a cleated track drive system which is unbeatable due to the propulsion power on the slippery hills. All the levers are within easy reach and can add comfort and control to your blower.

  • It is automated with a remote chute deflector, making it possible to rotate it efficiently
  • It has a three-year warranty
  • It is commercial grade with a powerful engine that cut through thick ice layers
  • The track-drive system prevents slipping and sliding
  • It is a bit pricey

3. Poulan Pro PR241 LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

The Poulan Pro PR241 LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower is perfect for home use as it is among the best snow blowers for a gravel driveway. It has an electric start with improved performance ribbon augers and a 180-degree remote chute.

The snowblower has 6 forward, and 1 reverse speed with comfortable grip loop handles, which are height-adjustable.

The snowblower has high performance compared to its price as it is among the lowest-priced snowblowers in the market. You can achieve effective snow removal on a budget.

The ribbon augers are powerful and can effectively break through the snow and ice. You can depend on this tool as it can make your work easier.

  • It has powerful ribbon augers
  • It has powerful and durable engines
  • The chute is remote-controlled, making it possible to make swift turns at the corners.
  • It is not as effective as the three-stage blower and thus does not break heavy layers of ice

Frequently Asked Questions

How Well Do Snow Blowers Work on Gravel Driveways?

Snowblowers work well on the gravel driveways and can effectively remove the ice from your driveway. However, you should be careful about the type of snowblower you choose, as the one-stage snowblower only removes thin layers of ice, while the third-stage snowblowers work well with thick ice layers in the driveway.

What Hazards Exist When Using a Snowblower?

The snowblowers can easily cause severe accidents. For instance, when users try removing ice jamming the snowblower, they might get amputated. Thus it could be wise to avoid clearing the jam with the bare hand. When the snowblower is left running without switching off the power after use, it may cause accidents.

How Deep Should Snow be to Use a Snowblower?

The depth of the ice blowing could depend on the type of blower you are using in your driveway. For instance, the single-stage snow blowers can remove about 6 to 9 inches, while the third-stage snowblowers might remove about 16 inches of ice from the driveway.

The machines would struggle to remove ice more than 16 inches, and you may wait for ice scrapers to remove the ice first before using the snowblowers.

Are Snow Blowers Supposed to be Loud?

When using a snowblower, you might want to protect your ears because most brands are loud and can become painful when used in the winter. The best way to stay protected is by wearing protective gear.

Earmuffs or noise plugs are great for reducing the noise from your snowblower. They can be especially helpful when operating a snowblower in an enclosed space.

Wearing comfortable ear protection, in this case, is recommended because it will act as a barrier against the sound waves created by the engine and save you some stress.

Do All Snow Blowers Have Belts?

Yes, all snowblowers have at least one belt, whether electric or gas-powered. The directions for using both the snowblower modes might have little variations, but they could include a belt in their body.

How Do I Get More Power Out of My Snowblower?

To enhance the performance of your snowblower, it is wise to be aware that you can improve functionality by reducing friction inside and out. This will allow for smoother use with less resistance so you can move more quickly and efficiently which translates into getting done with less difficulty.

How Do I Know if My Snowblower Auger Belt is Bad?

If your snowblower auger belt goes bad, it may experience squealing and slipping due to wear and tear. However, the belts should last for about five years or more, and if they get damaged before then, you would ask for repair from the company if there is a warranty.

Lastly, if you feel that your snowblower is no longer up to the task even if the auger belts are not badly damaged yet, then it may be time for a new snowblower. Ideally, you should replace worn-out parts before they break or wear down completely. This way, your machine would last long and be efficient.

How Long Should a Snowblower Last?

Snowblowers are meant to last for up to 25 years, but the length of time you can use them could depend on how you take care of them and the quality of their materials.

What Can You Not Do With a Snowblower?

You should not leave a powered snowblower unattended and avoid fueling it when it is on as it could cause a fire hazard. It would be best not to clean the augers with your bare hands as it may result in a severe accident that could cost your fingers.

You can avoid starting the snowblower in an enclosed place and avoid pointing the chutes at buildings, cars, or people as they could cause accidents.

Are Snow Blowers Safe?

While snow blowers are safe when used properly, one needs to follow safety guidelines in order for the machines not to cause accidents and illnesses. The gas-powered snowblower might be loud which may lead to earaches.

It is important that individuals wear protective gear such as hearing protection and sturdy footwear while using the machine.


Layers of ice on your driveway will make it hard to drive. Exposure to the elements can make a problem worse and result in more costly repairs. The best snowblower for the driveway should be heavy-duty machines that are safe, reliable, and durable enough to clear tough conditions without damaging pavement.

It is important not to mishandle the machine and to give it the necessary attention and proper care. When planning for winter, buy the best snow blower you can afford.