Can You Use a Trim Router on a Router Table?

The majority of trim routers are designed for handheld use. They may come with a variety of bases that can be used in place or mounted on your router table, or you could try using the original base plate as long as it’s large enough to accommodate the size and weight of your workpiece.

Yes, you can use a trim router on a router table.

Trim routers can be used on a router table if they are lightweight enough and the workpiece is small. However, the size of your workpiece and how much weight it will be bearing may limit what kind of trim router will fit in your routing table.

Some Tips for Using a Trim Router in Your Routing Table

  • Always wear safety goggles when using a trim router.
  • Trim routers should never come into contact with materials other than wood because it doesn’t typically include anti-kickback mechanisms like standard routers do. It’s important that when purchasing one, you also buy an appropriate bit set.
  • Use a smaller trim router. Trim routers should never be used on a table if they are heavier than the weight limit of your benchtop application and you don’t have a router with a large enough base to accommodate them safely.
  • To reduce friction, use a dust collector on your workpiece while routing so dust doesn’t cause drag during operation.

Where Should Your Hands be Placed When Operating the Router Table?

Your hands should be placed on the edge of your workpiece with one hand guiding and controlling the direction that you want to cut.

Your other hand will act as a support for what’s being routed, holding it down securely onto the table in order to maintain a steady surface underneath – this can also help prevent kickback!

For a handheld router, your hands should be placed on the top of the base.

For mounted use, you can either place one hand on the front edge just below where it meets and if there’s no space for this then at least make sure to grip tightly when using it so that all your fingers are wrapped around as far up as they go to avoid any risk of slippage!

What is a Trim Router?

A trim router is a small, handheld tool that typically has a base plate with two or three collets for holding different size bits. It’s mainly used for fine work such as shaping and finishing wood surfaces or molding edges on sheet materials like drywall.

They’re often smaller than standard routers and are also known as detailers because they excel at the type of intricate work you need to do when preparing items before painting them.

The majority of trim routers are designed for handheld use but some models can be mounted in your benchtop application if it will accommodate their weight.

What Kind of Router Do You Need for a Router Table?

If you’re not sure which trim router is right for you, we recommend reading our article on the best trim routers.