How Do You Use a Box Cutter Safely?

Box cutters are a useful tool to have in your home. They’re versatile and can be used for many different tasks. How do you use box cutter safety? That is the question that we will answer in this article.

While very helpful, box cutters can also be dangerous if not handled properly. It’s important to know how to use one safely so it doesn’t end up hurting someone or something else!

How to Use a Box Cutter?

To begin, hold the tool firmly in your hand and cut with it like you would if you were using scissors. Nothing must be blocking the cutting edge blade when cutting, so ensure there are no items on either side of what is being chopped up.

Remember to never put your hand near the blade (such as reaching behind furniture). This could lead to accidental cutting by catching fingers or hands on the blade’s sharp edge.

Keep all body parts away from this area when using a box cutter. Keep your fingers away from the blade when doing any task with a handheld device like scissors or pencils.

When using box cutters in tight spaces like a cabinet or drawer, use one hand to hold and turn the tool while keeping your other hand out of harm’s way by holding onto something elsewhere so there is more space for you to move around.

How to Use a Box Cutter in the Kitchen?

A great way to use your box cutter is for food preparation. This can be used on vegetables, meats, and even other items like chocolate or cheese that need to be chopped up into smaller pieces.

When using a box cutter, ensure you are careful not to cut yourself while chopping!

The cutting-edge blade will make contact with your fingers, so keep them away from it as much as possible by holding onto what’s being chopped instead of cupping both hands around one side.

How Many Blades Should I Have?

Most new boxes come with two different blades:

  • One serrated blade for tougher materials like meat and bread
  • The second straight-edge blade works better for softer materials like butter and marshmallows.

Make sure to know which blade to use for what material before cutting!

How Long Should the Blades Be?

The serrated blade will need more tooth space than a straight-edge blade as it has tougher, thicker materials to cut through. It’s important not to let children handle this tool independently or with supervision because of its sharpness and potential harm.

This is especially true if they use the blade’s serrated side.

They can often get confused about how tightly or loosely they’re pressing down on food when contacting the surface, leading them to press too hard and cut into the food.

How Do You Store Your Box Cutter?

Store your box cutter in a safe place away from children or pets! A good way to keep this tool out of reach is to put one blade down and tuck the other under its protective cap before putting them both insides of an empty can with a top lid, for example.

When storing these tools, ensure they’re not near any fragile items so nothing gets broken accidentally if someone bumps into something nearby.

If anything were spilled onto either cutting side, there would be serious consequences like cuts or lacerations, so avoid storing it carefully and using it safely!


Box cutters are versatile tools that can be used for many different purposes. This handy device is often found in almost every home or business, from opening boxes and packages to cutting materials.

They’re also dangerous if not handled properly – it’s important to know how to use them so you don’t end up hurting someone else!

We’ve provided some useful information on box cutter safety tips and tricks to help you avoid accidents while using your favorite tool. If you’re looking for a box cutter and haven’t decided on which one to get, read our article on the best box cutters, where we review the best ones on the market.