Rebar is a common term used in civil construction which is basically bars, rods, or wires that are made of high-strength steel. They can be found in almost all bridges and buildings foundations.

These steel bars can also be found in concrete reinforcing materials, but some rebars may not have concrete around them.

They serve as reinforcement to the structure of the building or bridge as it helps give more stability and strength to the foundation. This will make sure that they will stand longer even under harsh conditions like earthquakes or storms.

Rebar is also becoming more popular in construction and engineering projects that are done for various uses. They are made available in different shapes, sizes and forms so you can easily choose what works best for the situation at hand.

However, there’s one catch with cutting rebar since it has to be done carefully as mistakes can cost lives and money plus it can cause serious injuries to people involved which is why you should know how to cut rebar properly.

Marking and Measurements

Before cutting anything, you should first get a piece of wooden stick and mark your rebar on it using a permanent marker or pencil.

Try marking every ½ inch from the bottom to top so that you can determine whether it would be easier for you to cut off big bars by following uniform measurements or simply mark every 2 inches instead if possible, which is better than bars that smells like steel but smaller in size.

This will make cutting much easier and faster since everything will be laid out properly including your cuts. You should also measure the length of each bar that you would be cutting so that it can easily fit in your project or storage area.

Types of Rebar Cutting Tool

If you don’t have an idea how to cut rebar, there are several tools that can help you achieve your goal. Before choosing what tool to use, you should know first about the different types of cutting tools available so that they can help with your project.

Here are some of them:

Hand Saw

It is one of the most common saws used in construction projects because it is very handy and easy to use.

There are also different types of hand saws like those that are equipped with a shorter blade or longer blades for bigger tasks like demolition jobs which need additional lengths when cutting off long bars. Hand saws come with type S, S-D, and S-U blades that are different from one another.

Hand Grinder

It is basically the tool used for grinding steel which can be compared to a file that you use to remove rust and paint. They come in different types as well: bench grinders, angle grinders, cut-off grinders, flap disc and die grinders.

Always remember that the larger the size of your bar (rebar), then the bigger your grinding equipment should be too.

This will make work much easier for you because it’s more powerful than hand saws or small power tools like circular saws and drills which make them ideal to handle large rebar bars.

Angle Grinder

You can use an angle grinder for cutting through rebar. It’s best when working with large amounts of rebar and requires adequate ventilation whenever they are used.

You should wear safety glasses, hearing protection and also gloves when making use of these types of power tools as well. If you’re looking for an angle grinder, check out the best angle grinder where we do the research for you based on various criteria.

Since beams tend to be larger than you would normally be able to cut with a hacksaw, power tools are very useful for making the task of cutting through rebar easier and quicker.

Keep in mind that there may be times when you have no choice but to use a hacksaw if you get stuck with a large amount of rebar to cut through and don’t have access to power tools at the time.

Bolt Cutter

It is one of the common choices by construction workers and engineers since its main purpose is to cut through steel bolts and other types of metal materials easily.

This tool is often known as a “cutter” or “snip” fret saw and it can be found in most toolboxes since they are essential tools for any worker.

If you want to cut off big bars of steel, then this is the ideal tool that should be used instead of the other cutting tools mentioned above.

Circular Saw

You can also use circular saws to cut rebar bars but you might not be able to achieve the same accuracy as when using power tools such as vertical bar cutters or bolt cutters. In fact, this equipment is slower than any tool mentioned above because it moves a lot during operation which can be dangerous if proper care is not taken while cutting.

The main advantage of using this tool is that it’s cheaper compared with other special cutting tools.

But apart from that, there are no other good reasons why most people would prefer using circular saws when working on their projects or construction sites since they still need faster and more accurate ways in order to finish it as soon as possible.


The most common way of cutting rebar is with a hacksaw, although this takes longer than using other methods.

Choose the correct blade for your hacksaw from a variety of different types available, which can include crosscut blades, bi-metal blades, or standard industrial blades depending on what you’re trying to cut through as well as size and the length of the blade.

Begin by clamping the rebar down securely to a work table or any other piece of equipment you need to cut through it. Make sure that it’s secure and won’t move around while you’re cutting through the material, which could lead to injury.

Then position your rebar so that you get a straight line from where it will be cut, which should be on or near one end of the steel bar.

Once positioned firmly in place, begin sawing through the rebar with even strokes until it is fully cut apart. If you are using an electric hacksaw, make sure that there is no chance for contact with electrical wires so as not to risk electrocution during this process.


This is the cheapest way to cut rebar bars of any size but it’s also the most dangerous that you might use in order to do some cutting jobs since they aren’t accurate at all.

They can easily overheat which causes largescale destruction when used for large scale construction work and projects, such as buildings.

Hence, if you want to save money from buying expensive cutting tools, then this tool will be a good choice for you. Otherwise, we highly recommend using other specialized equipment mentioned above since they are more efficient than this one even though they cost more.

Plasma Cutter

You can use a plasma cutter in order to safely cut through thicker rebar more easily than with other types of tools. Unlike torches or any other flame based cutting method, they don’t throw sparks when used for rebar cutting so there’s no chance for burns or injury from these types of flames.

When using a plasma cutter, you need to clamp the rebar down in a way that will allow this type of tool to work properly. This generally involves using some sort of table or other flat metal surface in order to keep the material from moving while you’re cutting through it with the plasma cutter.