Ryobi vs Dewalt: What’s the Difference?

Looking for at-home handy tools can be challenging when you don’t know which brands are worth the money. Most people might resort to checking the prices and reviews of the tools online before resorting to making a purchase.

If you want to buy the most effective drills, you must have come across the Ryobi vs. Dewalt comparison online. These two reputable drills manufacturers are known for manufacturing other handy tools. Both manufacturers have their benefits and drawbacks.

In this article, we explore the strengths and weaknesses and provide an unbiased comparison that debunks the myths and illusions associated with each manufacturer.

Brief History of Ryobi

Ryobi is a Japanese international company owned by Hong Kong’s Techtonic Industries, an international conglomerate. It was founded in 1943, and it majorly produces high-quality construction tools and manufactures printing equipment.

The company is known for producing power tools that can be used by DIYs who are after home improvement goals.

They have a three-year warranty on their power tools which shows the company’s commitment to producing highly powerful and durable tools.

Their tools are high-quality yet affordable, making them the best choice for people who want to undertake home improvement by themselves. Their target market is mainly the DIY constructors who do not want to spend a fortune buying equipment that they want to use to accomplish a one-time job.

Their portfolio covers tools such as saws, surface prep, inflators, landscaping equipment, garage door openers, staplers, and drills. Their drills range from simple automatic screwdrivers to highly powerful tools with a 60-volt stud.

Ryobi HJP004L 3/8″ 12 Volt Drill / Driver Kit

The Ryobi HJP004L 3/8″ 12 Volt Drill / Driver Kit is among the most notable drills from the Ryobi manufacturers, and it comes in gray and orange colors. It is battery-powered and supports 12-volts-lithium-ion, and it comes with a charger and battery.

Its battery can hold a charge four times, and it weighs less than the comparable Ni-Cad batteries. It can drill with 3/8 inches, and it uses a heavy-duty keyless chuck, thus giving an optimal performance in the compact size.

It is a hand-held drill and provides precise drilling due to its weight and power, thus making it easy to complete the home improvement needs.

This 12V cordless drill can go from 0 to 600 RPM, a great range for any home improvement project. It is easy to use and handle; thus, it is possible to complete projects when standing on the ladder or bending in almost all directions. It yields enough power and is lightweight.

It is built for small spaces. It weighs only 3.5 pounds and is 7.1 inches long. It provides about 22 positions which makes it the most suitable hand-held drill for your home projects.

It is fitted with LED lights at the base of the drill and has a belt clip that is suitable for home projects. Moreover, it has one double-ended bit, which makes working easy.

The drill has a three-year warranty. Although it is manufactured mainly for at-home projects, it is effective and would complete the work without delays.

Some of the cons associated with this Ryobi drill include its battery which dies after one year, and when the battery dies, it may not hold the battery for long. The chuck might also loosen, thus causing the drill bits to fall out when using it. Other users complain the drill does not have enough power, but it could be fair to note that the drill is mainly manufactured for light-duty drilling.

Brief History of Dewalt

Dewalt is an American company but sources most of the raw materials globally, with global manufacturing plants. The founders believed in producing reliable, efficient, and durable goods as they have been in business for the longest time.

Their tools prove themselves in the construction sites, and they have a warranty which shows the manufacturer’s trust in the products. Dewalt has maintained a global face and most of its consumers trust all the construction equipment and tools.

Raymond Dewalt initiated the company in Leola, Pennsylvania, and has been operating under the Stanley Black and Decker conglomerate since the 1940s.

Dewalt tools are high-powered and suitable for professional work, but you would use them for home improvement needs.

Dewalt has positioned itself as a producer of high-quality professional tools that are built to last, thus meeting the needs of professionals and people who want to improve their homes by themselves.

Although you could trust Dewalt for almost all the drilling tools, the company produces an array of building products such as saws, air compressors, nailers, staplers, sanders, and other power tools.,

It has about 77 different drills on its website, ranging from small drills to automatic screwdrivers. They manufacture up to 60-volt stud and joist drills; thus, you can trust the company for high-end building tools.

Dewalt DCD710S2 12V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit

The Dewalt DCD710S2 12V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit is battery-powered and comes in black and yellow colors with a 20-millimeter chuck size. It is a compact drill with a lightweight design, fitting tightly into an area when drilling.

This powerful tool has a two-speed transmission for optimal speed and torque control with a belt hook, making it portable and sturdy when working. The Dewalt cordless drill comes with a charger and battery and has LED lights which makes it possible to work in dark rooms.

You would get torque control from the two-speed transmissions, making it possible to work effectively on the drill projects.

It is user-friendly as the 2.4 pounds is evenly distributed throughout the ergonomic body and the compact battery pack, thus making it easy to handle and lift. It offers 15 different position clutch work, making it possible to work effectively on the drill.

The higher speeds make drilling easy, and the lower speeds make it possible to avoid stripping the screws.

Difference Between Ryobi and Dewalt Drills

AttributeRyobi DrillsDewalt Drills


The company make professional tools at a reasonable price
Most homeowners and DIYs would go for their drills.

Dewalt manufactures high-end drills, which are mostly used for professional purposes.
The drills are heavy-duty and attract professional contractors.

Number of drills

Ryobi has a selection of 27 different tools under their name.

Dewalt boosts 77 different drills, which have unique features suitable for professional drilling.

Torque control

Ryobi has low max RPMs, but its 12V drill has stable torque control leading to more satisfactory work.

The Dewalt’s 12V has 15 positions and gives a steady torque control when working.


It has a maximum RPM of 600, thus not effective with speed.

It has dual speeds with both high and low speeds. It has about 1,500 maximum RPM speed.


It comes with one battery that lasts for about two years.

It comes with two batteries which increases its power output.


The prices are lower than Dewalt drills. This could be because the drills are low-powered and are best for homeowners who wish to improve their homes by themselves.

Their drills are quite pricey, and this could be because they are professionally made and made for heavy-duty drilling.


The chuck might loosen, and the bits fall out. The battery might not last due to overuse.

The batteries might not last long with heavy use.


The company offers a three-year warranty for its drills.

The company offers a three-year warranty for their drills with a one-year free service and a 90-day money guarantee if you don’t love their products.


It has 24 positions clutches which improves accuracy on each project.

It has 15 positions making the drill convenient but less accurate with high torque.

LED lights

It has regular lights which are bright and make it possible to work in dark rooms and at night.

Offers excellent lighting with a 20-minute flashlight mode lighting the work station with the hands off the trigger.

Which drill to buy

You can buy this drill if you wish to complete light-duty drilling activities by yourself.

This drill is heavy-duty and might be suitable for professional drilling and heavy-duty drilling for home improvements.

Product options

The company offers power tools like drills, accessories, and other equipment.

The company has almost anything you would need for construction, including air compressors, grinders, staplers, sanders, saws, and drills.


It has less control and slow speeds compared to Dewalt tools.

It offers more control and higher speeds, thus suitable for neat drilling work.

Weight and size

Their tools might be heavy and thus compromising on functionality.

Dewalt tools are a bit lighter and are built for small spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Professionals Use Ryobi?

Yes, professionals can use Ryobi drills as they are high-quality construction drills that give a neat job. However, their drills are low-energy and would not work well for heavy-duty drilling. They are most suitable for at-home construction work.

Can You Use Other Batteries With Ryobi?

Ryobi drills use 12-volts Lithium-Ion batteries, and you should stick with the same batteries which give the required power to maintain efficiency. Moreover, it only uses one battery and produces almost similar power to the Dewalt, which uses two batteries to power the drill.

Do Dewalt batteries interchange?

The Dewalt batteries are interchangeable as you would use the 20V max lithium-ion batteries with the 18V Dewalt tools. However, if you interchange the batteries, you would ensure to use the right tools, which corresponds to the battery on the tools.

You would access over 100 Dewalt products that use the same battery technology interchangeably. However, the batteries should have the same voltage power, and there is no problem if they vary from one brand to another.

Can Ryobi Use Dewalt Batteries?

You can use the Dewalt batteries with the Ryobi tools if you have the same voltage. Thus you can eliminate the need to buy new batteries for your Ryobi tools if you have similar Dewalt batteries.

Thus, you can use the Dewalt battery, which lies around your house for Ryobi drills, but you need the right energy to sustain the tools.

What Power Tools Do Professionals Use?

Most professionals would go for Dewalt drilling tools as they have various products that meet their construction needs. Furthermore, their tools are created for professional work, and they are effective for heavy-duty construction.

However, the Ryobi tools are also useful for professional work as they are well-made and can handle heavy-duty construction. Choosing the best Ryobi vs. Dewalt drill depends on the extent of the work and if the drill would be used for everyday drilling.

Ryobi tools are low energy and thus suitable for DIY projects; on the other hand, Dewalt drills are high-energy tools meant for commercial purposes.

Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt?

The functionality of both drills depends on the work being done, and thus it is not enough to say Ryobi is better than Dewalt. Both the drill brands have their advantages and limitations, and you would go for one which meets your needs.

However, it is safe to consider that the Ryobi is mainly created to cater to home improvement needs but works perfectly for professional purposes and thus would be more effective. 


There are a lot of different drills out there, but Ryobi and Dewalt seem to be two that people look at most. After reading this article, you should now know the difference between them or what makes these brands so popular.

While both companies have high-quality construction tools for all your needs, it is worth noting that when looking for heavy-duty drills – you might want to go with Dewalt since they produce commercial-grade products that can handle anything from home improvements up to large scale projects.

On the other hand, if you’re just on a budget then maybe going with Ryobi would work better as long as any project will only require light drilling power.