The weed eater string gets stuck because it’s either too tight or you’re running into something that’s causing resistance like grass.

If you think it might be your strings being too tight, try loosening them up first with an Allen wrench and see if that helps get rid of some of the tension before continuing to work on cutting those pesky weeds down.

Never run over metal objects like garden hoses or other metals while using a weed eater as they can cause serious damage to your blades and even throw sparks out at high speed towards anything nearby!

So when using your weed eater, it’s important to make sure that your string doesn’t get cut or broken while you’re working with it. If your string gets cut off while using your weed eater, then there’s no way to repair it and that means you’ll need to buy a new weed eater string.

How Do I Stop My Weed Eater From Getting Tangled?

Let’s start by taking the head off of your weed eater, then take the guard out so we can access the spool on the inside.

You want to make sure there’s enough line on your spool so if you’re cutting over long grass or weeds with a lot of leaves on them, there’s still some line left on the spool so you don’t have to stop and wind more string onto it.

  1. Start by putting one end of your weed eater string through the hole on the side of the spool.
  2. Pull the line out from under the spool, then pull it back over to the other side. Make sure you have a lot of slack in your string while doing this step or else it will get all tangled up again. It may take some practice to know just how much slack to keep between these 2 holes.
  3. Now start winding your string onto your spool by pulling and feeding it into the hole on top of the weed eater’s head where our cutting blade is attached, then off to the opposite side of the spool where we ran one end through our big hole that’s on the side. Now you should squeeze the top of your string spool so all that slack is taken up and it gets nice and tight.

How Do I Repair My Weed Eater Line When It Gets Cut Off?

Now let’s say we took a little too much off our line while cutting. If this happens, take some super glue or industrial-strength adhesive and put a thin layer on both ends of your weed eater string.

Within just seconds, it will attach itself back together like nothing ever happened! This is what we would use for any kind of nylon monofilament type of line except for the fishing line.

If you’re using a fishing line, then a lot of the time you can tie it back together, but sometimes if it’s too tangled up then all you can do is cut off as much as possible and start over with a new string.

If you’re using your weed eater to clear grass or weeds from fence lines where you don’t want string laying around, then you will use the superglue method with a nylon monofilament weed eater line instead of purchasing expensive fencing that needs to be bent into shape before putting in on your fence post.

The amount of time this repair takes depends on how much damage was done to your weed eater string. The smaller hole in the middle is what holds your spool onto the head of your weed eater.

How Do I Fix My Weed Eater’s Line When It Gets Tangled Under The Spool?

This can be a problem if you are cutting over grass that has a lot of leaves on it or weeds with really long vines. If your line is a tightly wound spool inside the housing, then the string will start binding up and eventually get so tight that our blades won’t spin as fast anymore.

If this happens, don’t try winding the new string onto your wacker. Just take some scissors and cut off one end of your line at a time until you’ve removed enough where it’s wiggling again. Try using more lines next time and you should be fine until the next time it gets jammed.

The last thing to do is make sure your weed eater’s gas cap is on tight since we are blowing air through our line continuously so if there’s even a little bit of an air leak then we know that there will always be some kind of friction going on inside that housing which will eventually cause it to break.

How Do I Put New String Onto My Weed Eater?

Start by taking the end of your old weed eater string back through that hole in the side from under the spool all the way out to the outside. Now get your new weed eater string and start feeding the end through that same hole on the outside.

Once you have one end coming out from under the spool and one end going through the same hole on the other side, then just run both of these ends towards each other to make sure they line up properly with no extra slack. Now take your scissors/knife and cut off both pieces of old weed eater string right where they meet.

Now let’s tie a simple square knot:

  • Grab both of those ends, and fold them over in opposite directions at least 2-3 times so there is only about 1 inch sticking up past all your folds.
  • Try to get it as close to 1 inch as possible, but it doesn’t really matter so long as your frayed end is not sticking out.
  • Roll the string that you have rolled up into a circle around your fingers and pull those ends through to tie them off.

How Do I Clean My Weed Eater?

When you’re done using your weed eater, you want to go ahead and put some fresh fuel in it before you and let it sit for at least 10 minutes to soak up some of that gas. We can go ahead and drain the gas tank, just turn it upside down then grab either end of the string next to where that cap is connected to your weed eater head and pull up.

This will release the pressure in your fuel line so you don’t get any kind of foam or spillage when you open your gas cap.

Now remove that red plastic safety lid by turning it 90 degrees towards one side until you feel a little click in there, sometimes these come right off if they haven’t been used for a while but some people need pliers to squeeze them off because they’re really stuck on there.

You might not be able to find all the pieces again so keep a box with a lid nearby (like an old Ziploc bag) where you dump your old plastic safety caps.

Pop off that red cap by pushing a flathead screwdriver against the edge of it while pulling upon it, and then let all the gas come out until there’s no more coming out anymore. That might take a while because most weed eaters have about 1/2 gallon worth of gas in them which is pretty heavy stuff!

We’re gonna prep our new line:

  • We want to make sure that the cut end is facing down toward the spool side so when we feed it through from under the spool head what’s remaining inside should be pressed right up against those metal blades with no kind of extra slack or folds over when it gets to the spool side.
  • If you’re having trouble feeding your string through there’s a simple way to get it through, cut off that last 2 inches or so of your new line, then feed the end right into the air hole from inside and back out again.
  • When it comes out on the other side, you can tie your square knot.


Weed eaters are a great tool for cleaning up your lawn, but sometimes the string gets stuck and you have to stop what you’re doing to get it unjammed.

This blog post has taken a look at common reasons why weed eater strings can become tangled or jammed, as well as how to easily fix them so that you don’t need to waste time on fixing things when they go wrong!