In this blog post, we will discuss how to make your snowblower throw snow farther. This is important because you need that extra distance so you can cover more areas faster and get the job done quicker!

There are a few key things that you need to know before making any modifications to your machine. We’ll go over what those things are in detail below. If you’re ready for some awesome tips and tricks, then keep reading.

Method 1: Check the Auger Housing

Check the auger housing for clogs or obstructions. If you’re dealing with a lot of snow and it’s getting stuck, then this may be the issue! This is an easy fix so before you go crazy trying every other modification know that it could just be as simple as a clog.

Take the auger off and clean it out as well. If you’re noticing that your machine is not throwing snow anymore, then this could be why. All of those little bits of debris can easily get stuck in there over time so make sure to take care of these issues before they create bigger ones for you.

Method 2: Stick With a Straight Chute

Some snowblowers offer different chutes that are curved or angled, but these can create more snow clogs and decreases the distance you’ll be able to throw your snow. Stick with an auger configuration that has two blades in the front of it to help get rid of all those pesky little piles of snow.

Method 3: Replace the Blades

Replace the snowblower blades if you’re finding that they are starting to wear out and get dull. This is a very easy fix as long as you have an understanding of how to replace them which may require some additional tools or knowledge, so be sure that you know what’s going into it before making a purchase.

If you’re using snowblower blades that have holes in them, then be sure to clean them out periodically because they can get clogged up with debris and cause problems.

This is a great way to make sure that your blades are always doing the best job possible without any additional work from yourself.

Method 4: Add a Deflector to the Chute

If your snowblower does not have one, add a deflector to the chute. This is an easy way to direct more air up and out of the machine, which creates increased throwing distance!

This will help make sure that snow is throwing away from you and it won’t clog up as often, which means less time spent clearing out the machine.

The deflector allows for less resistance so that you can get those pesky corners and edges without having to worry about stopping every few minutes to clear the chute.

Method 5: Add an Extension to the Chute

Adding an extension to the chute gives you more space and range without having to move as far on your own. If you’re trying to get snowblower throws farther in order to cover a larger area, then this is a good option because it can help you do that without having to do more work than necessary.

Method 6: Adjust the Height of the Chute

Adjust the height of your chute to ensure that you’re getting a good angle on where it’s coming out. Snow should launch straight up and away from snowblowers, so make sure that you have this set up correctly for maximum throwing distance!

You may need some help with this one, but if you’re using an extension on the chute then this should be easier to take care of.


There are many ways to make your snowblower throw the snow farther. You have all sorts of options for making it work better, but you need to know what’s wrong with it first.

If you’ve been having trouble getting that last bit of snow cleared away and want more tips on how to do so, check out our blog post about different methods for improving snowblower performance.