The answer to this question depends on who you ask and their beliefs. Some people believe it is a tool that can be used for self-defense, while others will say it is an accessory that should only be carried by hunters. The truth of the matter is that pocket knives are beneficial no matter what your profession or hobbies may be.

In this blog post, we will go over 11 reasons why you should carry a pocket knife with you at all times!

Reason 1: For Survival Situation

If you find yourself in a survival situation, it is best to have a pocket knife on hand and ready so that you will know how to make basic tools out of wood with ease. This could be anything from making kindling for your fire or carving sticks into skewers for grilling meat over the open flame!

Reason 2: Used as a Scissor

Pocket knives can be used as makeshift scissors when needed. It’s always important to have a little bit of extra thread on hand for sewing up loose hems or doing any other type of basic handicraft work that needs the help of old-school scissors.

Reason 3: Cutting Up Food at Picnics

Pocket knives are great for cutting up food at picnics because they can slice through meat, cheese, or vegetables with ease. This saves time and effort that would go into trying to cut these things manually which could lead to accidents if someone slips up in their chopping technique.

Reason 4: For Opening Packages

A pocket knife can be helpful when cutting food or opening packages while someone is out at work. Just by keeping it on their belt loop, they are able to offer assistance without even needing to take anything else from their bag or find an object around them in order to help like some scissors for example.

Reason 5: To Take Out Splinters

Pocket knives can be used to remove splinters. If you have a pesky piece of wood that is sticking into your hand or arm, it might not hurt too much if you pull it out with your fingers, but it will definitely hurt to remove it without a pocket knife.

If you happen to have a pocket knife on hand, simply take the blade and gently pull out the splinter. You can also use this technique for removing ticks from your skin if need be.

Reason 6: Useful For Different Professions

Pocket knives are useful tools in many different professions. A doctor might use a pocket knife to cut off clothing from an accident victim. Electricians often need a knife as part of their job. Plumbers also have regular use for one when unclogging sinks.

Reason 7: For The Outdoors

Pocket knives are a useful tool for people who enjoy hobbies that involve the outdoors. Hunting, fishing and camping all come to mind when thinking of activities where carrying a pocket knife can be helpful.

Pocket knives are often used as a go-to tool when out in nature or on hunting trips because it is light and easy to carry around with them. It can be used for cutting up animals, skinning the game, or even preparing food if needed.

For example, hunters might need one to start fires or skin animals they have just killed. Fishers may use them to clean their catch or repair gear on the boat. Campers will find many uses in both setting up campsites as well as cooking food while out there.

It could also come in handy while hiking or camping when you need something sharp to cut through vines and branches that may block your path.

Reason 8: For Self Defense

Another reason to carry a pocket knife is that it can be used in self-defense. Even the smallest of knives are better than nothing if you find yourself in an emergency situation, such as someone trying to mug or attack you.

A pocket knife may not save your life but it will help give yourself some peace of mind while out on adventures. It has been shown time and again to stop attackers – even those who didn’t expect it!

Reason 9: For Emergency Use

A pocket knife comes in handy for cutting seat belts off during car accidents or helping others get out from their cars after being trapped by debris following a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina.

A good quality folding blade can help in cutting things like seat belts, wires, or other objects that may need to be cut in order for someone to escape from their vehicle.

Reason 10: Cutting Through Plants or Branches

If there are plants that have thorns then they can make an impenetrable barrier without knowing what lies behind them.

By using the knife to cut through these branches with ease, it will give way for passage as long as someone cuts carefully enough so they don’t accidentally injure themselves further by running into other thorny bumps along the way.

Reason 11: During a Campfire

Pocket knives can also come in handy when cooking over campfires because sometimes one side of whatever you are cooking will be too hot while the other side is not. Simply use a knife to even out both sides and it should cook faster.


Carrying a pocket knife is beneficial no matter what your profession or hobbies may be. Pocket knives are things we use every day to do our jobs and complete daily tasks like opening boxes or cutting fruit for lunch at home.

It doesn’t take long before you will find yourself using it on the go as well! Be safe while also being prepared with this handy tool that comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in getting one, check out our reviews of the best pocket multi-tools.