10 Best Bottle Cutters 2022

If you are looking for a bottle cutter, then you would want to find something that gives you as straight and clean a cut as possible as well as being easy to use.

There is a range of different cutters on the market and some are more effective than others, so we have created this simple guide that will help understand how to choose the best bottle cutter for your money.

Our Top Pick

If you want a kit that comes with everything you need and is easy to use, we recommend the Creator’s Ultimate Edition. Made in the USA, it includes the Creator’s Bottle Cutter, Creators Bottle Neck Cutter, Isolation Rings, Grinding Stone, Hand Pad, and 4 Glastoppers.

Top 10 Bottle Cutters Comparison Table

PictureNameSeparation Rings Provided?PriceRating (1-5)
Separation Rings Provided?
Rating (1-5)
1. Creator's Ultimate Glass Bottle Cutter BundleYes$$$$4.3
2. Genround Bottle Cutter Machine Wine Bottle Glass Cutter Cutting Tool No$3.7
3. Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Red Yes$$4
4. Creator's Glass Bottle Cutter Yes$$$4.2
5. Camdios Glass Bottle Cutter No$3.7
6. Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter No$3.7
7. Kalawen Upgrade Glass Bottle Cutter Bottle Cutting DIY MachineNo$4.1
8. HPST Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter BundleNo$4.4
9. Upcycle EZ-Cut Glass Bottle Cutter (Deluxe) KitNo$$4.3
10. Ephrem Glass Bottle Cutting Machine for CraftsNo$$3.6

Things to Consider When Looking For a Bottle Cutter

Bottle cutters don’t cut through the glass bottles. Instead, they score the glass, which creates a weak point. The break is then achieved by thermo-shock, often by applying hot water and then cold water repeatedly until the two parts break cleanly away.

The key thing to look for in a bottle cutter is how effective it is at scoring the glass so that a clean break is achieved.


Quality is a major factor that should be considered when you are going to buy bottle cutters. If the cutter is not of good quality, then it will not be able to serve you for an extended period.

Bottle cutters made from stronger material will serve you for an extended time, and this is the most preferred option to go for.

Cutting Blades

The cutting blade may prove ineffective in the long run if it’s made from a material that is not hard. A good example of what to look for is a blade that is made from steel.

Try looking for a bottle cutter with two or more cutting blades. This will enable you to save some costs in the long run because you won’t need to replace them now and again.

Cutter Size

The size of the bottle cutter you’re going to purchase will determine how big your bottles can be cut. You wouldn’t want to buy a bottle cutter that is too small for the size of your bottles, so investing in large bottle cutters is a great idea.

If you would like to score the bottles without difficulties, then a large bottle cutter is something that you need to invest in.

Support for Different Bottle Sizes

There are different cutters for different bottle sizes due to the various glass shapes. Bottles come in different shapes, from half-circles to tall, upright cylinder shapes.

If you happen to have a staple jar, then you’d be able to use the right cutter for it. But if you have a wine or beer bottle with a soft curve or contour, make sure you choose your cutter based on the contour of your bottle.

Cutting Diameter

One thing you should not forget to check before buying your bottle cutter is the diameter size your preferred cutter can cut on a given bottle. Many people fail to check this before ordering their product and are disappointed when their bottles do not score.

No one likes to use their time trying to cut and remove the excess glass from the scoreline. A great tip here is just to check out the diameter size that your preferred bottle cutter has before buying it.

Bottle Cutter Tips

The purpose of the bottle cutter is to score the glass. It does not cut the glass. If you want to separate the glass, tap the bottle on the score line until it cracks and breaks.

Scoring the glass around the bottle takes practice. These recommended bottle cutters are designed to increase your success rate of doing just that.

Top 5 Best Bottle Cutter Reviews

1. Creator’s Ultimate Bottle Cutter Bundle

The Creator’s Ultimate Bottle Cutter Bundle comes ready to use straight from the packaging with no assembly required. The machine is large enough to work with longer bottles, and the bottles are easily held into place by the durable polycarbonate base and remain firmly held while cutting.

The mechanism works by rotating the bottle while making sure it remains firmly on the backstop to ensure an accurate score around the circumference of the bottle.

Adjustments are easy to make, and rubber rings are provided to isolate the scoreline, helping to make for a cleaner, straighter break. The product also comes with a spare cutter should the first become blunt.

This cutter can be used on thick bottles, and some people have even managed to get clean cuts on square bottles with this machine.

The ease of use and accuracy of the cuts help to make this cutter one of the best, if not the best bottle cutter on the market. If you have used bottle cutters before but found that the results are hit and miss, you will be impressed by the results of this product.

Like any DIY project you may be working on, it does take practice to master the process of breaking on the score line. Don’t be discouraged. Keep practicing, and soon you will hone the craft of bottle cutting.

For a bottle cutter that regularly produces clean, straight cuts in a range of different bottle shapes and sizes, the Creator’s bottle cutter could be just what you are looking for.

  • Durable polycarbonate base
  • Ease of use
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to make adjustments
  • A bit expensive

2. Genround Bottle Cutter Machine Cutting Tool

The sturdy design of the Genround bottle cutter helps to make it easier to use than some other models. Make sure that the bottle is lined up correctly and then rotate while applying sufficient pressure to allow the blades to create a score before the breaking process.

Adjustments to the machine are easy and a hex key is provided. The blades have been tested for durability and have been shown to still be working great even after 50,000 uses.

Silicon carbide sandpaper is provided so that you can smooth the edges of the cut once the break has been completed.

When used correctly, following the instructions in the manual provided, this cutter will provide a clean and straight cut nearly every time. It will even work on thicker bottles such as champagne bottles.

As one of the best bottle cutting machines on the market, the Genround bottle cutter could be the ideal machine for anybody that was consistently clean and straight cuts. As with all cutters, it can take a little practice first, but once you know what to do, you will be cutting clean breaks every time.

  • Easy to use
  • Very adjustable
  • Cuts clean and evenly
  • Cutting length could be a bit longer

3. Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter uses a system that clamps around the bottle, which is then rotated to allow the built-in cutters to score. As with other cutters, the break is then achieved by heating and then cooling the score with hot and cold water.

Sandpaper is provided to smooth the edge of the cuts for a good finish. Separation ties are also included to help achieve a straighter, cleaner cut.

Negative aspects of this cutter are that it can be difficult to keep the cutters cutting in a straight line, causing the start and finish of the cut to not line up.

The clamp design of the cutter also means that it is only suitable for cutting cylindrical bottles, whereas some other designs can cut even square bottles.

Despite its drawbacks, this cutter does still provide clean breaks on many types of bottles, meaning this could be the Kinkajou bottle cutter could be the best bottle cutter for you.

  • Easy to use
  • Includes 3 sheets of sandpaper
  • Difficult to cut in a straight line

4. Creator’s Glass Bottle Cutter

Whether you are looking to pass off your creation as a high-end boutique wine or create unique favors for the next special occasion, Creator’s Glass Bottle Cutter will give that perfect clean cut every time.

This tool is extremely versatile and can cut bottles up to 2-Inches in diameter.

The Creator’s Glass Bottle Cutter offers an innovative way to cut your own wine bottles and beer bottles.

The kit includes a bottle cutter, CSG-10 Carbide Cutting Head, one pair of Pyramex safety glasses, abrasive stone, palm protector, one pair of thermal shock running rings, and easy instructions.

It has a spring-loaded safety head to hold a bottle firmly, while the cross-hatched cast aluminum base with an adjustable fence will cut bottles up to 3/8″ thick.

The kit makes it easy to score your bottles accurately. The scoring wheel helps break the bottles within the score marks to ensure you get a clean cut when bottling your favorite wine or beer.

  • Easy to use
  • Cutting blade is spring loaded
  • May take some practice to get a clean cut

5. Camdios Glass Bottle Cutter

Cut wine, whiskey, or beer bottles quickly and easily with the Camdio Glass Bottle Cutter. The device includes 5 support wheels created to better stabilize the bottles, and an ultra-strong diamond carbide blade rated for over 400,000 cuts.

The wide stainless steel bottom plate is stable to ensure a safe cutting experience.

The kit includes one bottle cutter, one spare cutting blade, six fixing rubber rings, one position block, two sandpaper, one cleaning sponge, one pair of gloves, one glass drill bit, two spare screws, and one screwdriver.

Whether you are an experienced craftsman or just getting started, the Camdio bottle cutter will get you results fast and easy.

  • Easy to use
  • Includes 5 support wheels
  • Metal is durable
  • May take some practice

How to Cut Glass Bottles?

Start by cleaning the bottle. It needs to be free of any dirt, grease, or labels. If it has a label, use a razor blade or utility knife to remove it. You might need to use Goo Gone or another product to remove any sticky residue. Then rinse the bottle and let it dry completely.

Next, mark where you want to make your cut. It’s helpful to use a permanent marker for this. Make sure the line is straight. Now it’s time to install the cutting head onto the bottle cutter. The cutting head is usually adjustable, so you can change its position depending on the thickness of the glass bottle.

After that, lubricate the cutting wheel with cutting oil. This will help to prevent the glass from cracking or shattering while you’re cutting it. Finally, start cutting the bottle by holding it firmly and moving it along the line you marked earlier.

Go slowly and steadily until you’ve cut around the bottle. Once you’re done, you can use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges.

And that’s it!

You’ve now successfully cut a glass bottle using a glass bottle cutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Bottle Cutter?

Once you know which part of the bottle you want to use, make sure to clean the inside well so there are no watermarks or residue. Sometimes you might need a good scrubbing with some soap and water.

You can let the bottle dry for a couple of days just to make sure there is no moisture left behind. It’s important the bottle has a solid grip on the blade.

This is why it’s not recommended to use a very thin glass bottle (like a beer bottle) because you won’t be able to get a good grip on it, and it could snap right off the blade.

A bottle cutter comes equipped with a clamp that holds the glass itself in place while you’re cutting it. They’re designed to make clean cuts. However, there is still some level of danger associated with them, so for your safety, please read the instructions thoroughly before attempting anything.

How Do You Cut a Bottle Without Cracking It?

Before cutting the bottle, make sure you clean it. Use the glass cutter to make a light score around the bottle. Exactly make one cut around the bottle. If you repeat the cut again, you increase the chance the bottle will crack.

What Kind of Bottles Can You Cut?

It depends on the bottle cutter. Many bottle cutter tools can cut beer bottles, wine bottles, square bottles, triangular bottles, and oval bottles.

Will a Dremel Cut Glass?

Dremel is a rotary tool that can cut glass, wood, plastic, and metal. If you intend to use a Dremel to cut your glass bottle, we do not recommend it. You will have to make a light score around the bottle.

Unless you have very steady hands, this will be very difficult. We recommend you use one of the glass cutters we pick from above. It will be more effective and make the cutting experience more enjoyable.

What are The Notches on a Glass Cutter For?

The largest notch is designed for breaking the glass, the smaller notches allow the glass to be more easily slid into places where it would otherwise be difficult to fit.

What Can I Make With a Bottle Cutter?

A bottle cutter can be used to cut bottles into awesome things like candle holders, vases, candy dishes, wine bottle planters, or hanging candle holders.

Use your bottle cutter to make lots of fun and creative items for your home. Whether you want to decorate your office, make a gift for a friend or add some color to your dining room, you can use an ordinary glass bottle.

Why Should You Use A Bottle Cutter?

There are many reasons why you should use a bottle cutter. These machines will save you tons of time, and the results will be precise.

A bottle cutter is a wondrous tool that lets you add functionality to your bottle collection while creating an interesting art piece for your home.

Bottle cutters are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to bring their bottles back to life. By using bottle cutters, you’re eliminating any risk of injury and making sure the glass won’t crack while working with it.


Bottle cutting is a fun DIY project. Whenever you do arts and crafts projects, we recommend having a lot of patience. To master the art of bottle cutting takes practice.

We select Amazon products that come as a kit, so you don’t have to worry about getting all the materials you need. Buy one kit with everything you need so you can start cutting the bottles right away.

Any product listed above is a good choice. If you cannot decide, we recommend the Creator’s Ultimate Glass Bottle Cutter Bundle since it has all the necessary materials. It is of good quality and easy to use.