How to Cut Glass Bottles

Bottles are an integral part of our lives. We use them for water, soda, wine, and juice. But what happens when the bottle is empty? You can recycle it or throw it away – but you may not know that there’s a third option: cutting it into pieces with a glass bottle cutter.

Cutting glass bottles can be a fun project, but it is important to know that you are using the right tool for the job. This article will go over how to cut glass with a bottle cutter and some tips on what type of bottles work best!

Safety Tips

One of the first things you need to know about cutting glass bottles is that it’s a really hard material. Another thing to keep in mind is how brittle glass can be, so if you’re not careful when handling or transporting these items they could break and shatter into tiny pieces.

It’s also important not to wear metal jewelry with any type of wire, because it can cause serious cuts.

To cut a glass bottle you’ll need to use the right type of equipment and get good instructions on how to do it safely.

Bottle cutting is not something that should be done in your home garage or basement without proper safety gear, like goggles, gloves, and clothing made from flame-retardant fabric.

What Do You Need to Cut a Glass Bottle?

  • A clean and dry surface for the glass to rest on.
  • Safety gear like goggles and gloves.
  • Wear clothing made from flame-retardant fabric.
  • A bottle cutter with a sharp cutting wheel that is ready for use. If you are looking for a bottle cutter, we recommend that you check our reviews of the best bottle cutters to find a bottle cutter that is right for you.
  • Bottles that are round in shape, have straight sides, larger circumference near the bottom (where you grip it), and are thinner at the top can be an ideal candidate for cutting. Bottles like this typically have a thickness of about one inch.

What is a Glass Bottle Cutter?

A glass bottle cutter is a tool that can be used for cutting bottles without breaking them, but the downside of this process is it’s very difficult.

The first step in using one of these tools is making sure you have gloves on your hands, or something else protecting them so if not you will risk getting cut by shards of broken glass when trying to cut through the bottle.

Step 1: Score the Glass

To cut a glass bottle with a bottle cutter, locate its rollers. Adjust them until they are snug against the glass bottle. Rotate the bottle cutter counterclockwise when applying even pressure as you hold down the bottle with both hands.

As you turn the bottle, watch as the blade makes contact with your glass bottle. You should hear a grinding sound as the blade grinds through your glass bottle.

Make sure you’re in a calm, patient mood when attempting this process. You cannot be in a hurry or allow yourself to get frustrated. Doing so will only make things more difficult and may cause you to break the glass while trying to cut it.

Make sure that your hands are always covered with gloves or something else, like cardboard when working on cutting bottles because if not, you risk getting cut by sharp pieces of broken glass.

If a piece does break off and cuts into your skin don’t panic! Just make sure to take care of it properly so you don’t get an infection. Watch out for broken pieces still attached after cutting because these can hurt other people who come near them as well as create danger for children playing around with unattended bottles at home.

Step 2: Check the Score Line

There should be a white line extending the entire circumference of the object and it should be faint. If any part of the line is missing or not thick enough, the bottle won’t break right, so put it back in the cutter and score it once more.

Step 3: Use Hot Water

Once you have cut your score line, hold the glass over a sink. Pour hot water through it for five seconds. To heat the scoreline all around, rotate the bottle.

Step 4: Use Cold Water

Next, switch to cold water and pour it over the score line as you rotate the bottle for five seconds.

Step 5: Complete the Separation

You should be able to see a thin line where the glass has been scored. Lift gently on the top section of the bottle. This should create a separation. If you’re having trouble breaking off the bottle, give it a tap on a hard, sturdy surface covered with a towel.

Step 6: Smooth the Rough Edges

The edge of the remaining section may be jagged, so use sandpaper to smooth it out. Clean up any tiny shards of glass that may have been spilled. Dispose of the broken by wrapping the broken portion in paper or plastic.

Step 7: Decorate the Cut Bottle

After cutting the bottle, you can decorate it in various ways. You can easily paint the cut glass or decorate it with milk glass or frosted spray paint. If you take pleasure in brushwork, high-quality glass paints enable you to create flowers, symbols, or other intricate designs on the surface of the glass.


We hope you’ve been inspired to find a new way of recycling your old bottles or have found some great ideas for fun projects. If you want to cut glass, make sure that the bottle cutter is sharp and clean in order to avoid cutting yourself.

For more information on how best to cut glass with a bottle cutter, read our article here.