When you’re planning to get rid of spray paint graffiti from concrete, one of the first steps you may take involves using paint strippers on the surface.

However, after a few applications and a hard scrubbing with a wire brush, the paint still won’t budge. This is when it becomes clear that you’ll need to use a different approach to removing spray paint from concrete.

Removing spray paint from concrete is really a two step process. You’ll need to remove the top layer first, then clean the remaining paint residue with a solution and scrubbing.

Before starting the job, have a plan of action ready. The first thing you’ll want to do is mix the solution, and apply it to the damaged area. You must work on small areas.

It doesn’t take much to over-saturate your concrete and cause problems for yourself. Anytime you are working with concrete it is best to work in small sections or steps.

You can remove the paint yourself or hire a company to do it for you. Remember that if you choose to remove the paint, you should use a product that is safe for concrete.

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete With Soap and Water

If the offending paint is relatively fresh (say, within a week or two of application), you may be able to remove it with soap and water.

You’ll have to scrub pretty hard though. Whether you go straight for the paint with a brush or use hot, soapy water, make sure you get to work on it.

  1. Mix soap and water
  2. Use a stiff brush to scrub the stain
  3. Allow the mixture to dry for five minutes
  4. Clean with a towel or rag

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete With Graffiti Remover

The most popular way to remove spray paint from concrete is with a graffiti remover. Spray paint is composed of acrylic, a solvent-based paint that comes in either glossy or matte finishes. This allows the paint to be applied in a spray whatsoever rather than using a brush the old-fashioned way.

Graffiti remover works by dissolving the spray paint’s top layer, which effectively cleans it off concrete – something that regular soap and water cannot do as effectively because soap residue can remain behind on vertical surfaces.

  1. Make sure the graffiti is fully dry
  2. Spray the graffiti remover on the surface
  3. Let it set to work
  4. Remove the graffiti and any other grime with a rag

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete With Paint Thinner

The use of paint thinner to remove spray paint from concrete is regarded by many as a dangerous substance, that can be harmful to the user.

Generally, most hardware stores carry this specific product. However, for your safety, try to test a small portion of the concrete with the paint thinner before using it in larger areas.

  1. Mix the paint thinner with equal parts of water
  2. Cover the stain
  3. Cover the area with plastic or cardboard for at least 24 hours
  4. Apply a second coat of paint thinner

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete With TSP

The most effective multipurpose cleaner for removing graffiti from concrete is TSP or Trisodium Phosphate. This cleaning product was created for removing paint, ink, and other contaminants.

It is one of the home remedies that can also be used to clean concrete around your house such as your sidewalks and driveways.

  1. Put straight TSP on the area
  2. Let it soak for a few minutes
  3. Scrub with a stiff brush
  4. Brush surface clean and rinse with water

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete With a Power Washer

If the above methods did not work, power washing can also take away the graffiti. This is a quick and easy solution to remove spray paint from concrete that’s definitely worth a try before you decide to pay for professional removal services.

  1. Start with a smaller nozzle on the power washer
  2. Spray on low pressure
  3. Make passes back and forth
  4. Move the power washer around
  5. Use regular tap water
  6. Start at one end and run the entire length of the concrete

The first time you will have a lot of build-ups, keep spraying until you do not see any more paint particles in the water. After that, continue until removed.

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete Using a Sand Blaster

Sandblasting can be an effective way to keep all of the unwanted paint off your concrete surfaces. Sandblasting or soft sanding will not damage concrete like hard sanding and calcium silicate will.

Sodium bicarbonate is an effective yet inexpensive way to remove unwanted paint from concrete surfaces without damaging the underlying concrete itself.

Sodium bicarbonate with a sand blaster will eliminate the need for additional chemicals or damaging instruments and power tools.

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete With an Angle Grinder

If a graffiti tag has been sprayed on your concrete floor, you can remove it using an angle grinder and some fine-grit sandpaper. This is because it provides a significant amount of power and precision required to grind off the paint.

Angle grinders can work well for removing small paint splatters, graffiti, or larger areas of paint, like when removing earlier lines of paint for repainting.

Remove spray paint from concrete can be difficult because concrete is a very hard surface. Before you begin the task, you’ll need to completely cover the area with plastic and protect any plants or grass nearby.

This will minimize your cleanup time later and protect any other materials from being scratched or stained. You will also want to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles throughout the process to protect yourself.

To use an angle grinder, you will need to hold the rotating handle close to the concrete surface and use it to grind away the layer of paint on your concrete driveway, walkway, or sidewalk.

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete Using a Gel Stripper

Using a soy-based gel stripper is a great way to clean your concrete driveway, walkways, patios, and walkways. With a soy-based gel stripper, it’s easy to remove.

Using a soy-based gel stripper will not only save you time but will also leave the concrete with a professional finish.

The soy-based eraser base dries quickly and residues removed by the soy-based gel are easily rinsed off. Also, the soy-based stripper will remove any mildew left on the concrete after spraying the detergent.

Final Thoughts

Spray paint and graffiti can be tricky things to remove from any surface. It’s important to take great care when working around paint because the chemicals involved are toxic to the human body.

While spray paint is removable from most surfaces, that doesn’t mean it’s a fun DIY project to get it off, right?

If you do find yourself painting or cleaning up graffiti along with your home or business’ concrete, this article will help you get the job done with less pain and fuss.